Here at Pine Top our ultimate goal is to positively impact the society we are apart of, & it all starts with you. It's not about the product, it's about your integrity. We strongly believe a little extra confidence is the fuel needed to be different, and we all know that this world we call home needs something different. So what fuels your will to be different?

Pine Top all began winter of 2013-2014 in Denver, Colorado and since starting Pine Top it has now located to Sacramento, California. When people purchase a Pine Top product, they're not only purchasing a 100% USA handmade product but they're purchasing an heirloom that they will have for many, many years to come. With our background in design and heart for all things handmade, our goal is to bring people timeless products that will last them a lifetime! We strive to bring the highest quality products with only the highest quality materials. We pay extremely close attention to detail and do not allow anything less than perfection and consistency.