• The Move and Vision

    Posted by Jordan Tinklenberg

    Hello everyone!! Hope your all doing good and enjoying your new year thus far. In just over a week we will be making our move to the Sacramento area! We have a lot of big things in the works and hoping they should all be available within the month of February! 


    Some me new things in the works 

    We are coming out with a men's grooming line! Including; beard oil, beard balm, mustache wax, combs, brushes, along with a number of other men's health goods! 


    Another product line we have in the works is Apparel!!! We have a number of designs, ideas, and products we hope to release in the near future! We're very excited about both these product lines and hope you like them to! 


    We also have a number of new leather products we super stoked to release to you all! Thank you all for your continued support!