Posted by Jordan Tinklenberg

Hey everyone! So we have finally launched out Men's grooming line! We started it with the famous "beard oil" and couldn't be happier with the outcome! We spent countless hours dialing in the right scents for each one! 

-First on our line up we have Midnight Bold! We wanted something that captured this deep, bold, masculine scent and we do believe we captured it! We like to say a bearded James Bond would wear this! 

-Next up is Crimson Spice! Now this isn't for your average gentleman. Its got top notes of  vanilla, cinnamon, and grapefruit its a very elegant, sophisticated scent that is definitely a crowd pleaser!

-Next is our Emerald Alps! There is just something about adventuring in the wilderness and smelling the pine trees! This captures that iconic scent of being in the wilderness and taking the first big breath!

-And last but not least is Royal Ether! We wanted something that was subtle and fresh! So with top notes of lime, ylang ylang, and pine you get that fresh, clean aromatic scent and works perfect when you want only the cologne you wear to be present! 


We are extremely happy with the outcome and support of our Men's Grooming line and can't wait to release all the other stuff we have in the works for it! Can anyone says 100% handmade custom Pine Top comb??? Ssssshhhhhh don't tell anyone ;)


So thank you all again for your amazing support and love! We couldn't be doing this without you! Stay tuned for the release of a ton of new products soon! 

Much love,



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