• Men's Grooming Line & More!

    Posted by Jordan Tinklenberg

    Hey everyone! So we have finally launched out Men's grooming line! We started it with the famous "beard oil" and couldn't be happier with the outcome! We spent countless hours dialing in the right scents for each one! 

    -First on our line up we have Midnight Bold! We wanted something that captured this deep, bold, masculine scent and we do believe we captured it! We like to say a bearded James Bond would wear this! 

    -Next up is Crimson Spice! Now this isn't for your average gentleman. Its got top notes of  vanilla, cinnamon, and grapefruit its a very elegant, sophisticated scent that is definitely a crowd pleaser!

    -Next is our Emerald Alps! There is just something about adventuring in the wilderness and smelling the pine trees! This captures that iconic scent of being in the wilderness and taking the first big breath!

    -And last but not least is Royal Ether! We wanted something that was subtle and fresh! So with top notes of lime, ylang ylang, and pine you get that fresh, clean aromatic scent and works perfect when you want only the cologne you wear to be present! 


    We are extremely happy with the outcome and support of our Men's Grooming line and can't wait to release all the other stuff we have in the works for it! Can anyone says 100% handmade custom Pine Top comb??? Ssssshhhhhh don't tell anyone ;)


    So thank you all again for your amazing support and love! We couldn't be doing this without you! Stay tuned for the release of a ton of new products soon! 

    Much love,


  • The Move and Vision

    Posted by Jordan Tinklenberg

    Hello everyone!! Hope your all doing good and enjoying your new year thus far. In just over a week we will be making our move to the Sacramento area! We have a lot of big things in the works and hoping they should all be available within the month of February! 


    Some me new things in the works 

    We are coming out with a men's grooming line! Including; beard oil, beard balm, mustache wax, combs, brushes, along with a number of other men's health goods! 


    Another product line we have in the works is Apparel!!! We have a number of designs, ideas, and products we hope to release in the near future! We're very excited about both these product lines and hope you like them to! 


    We also have a number of new leather products we super stoked to release to you all! Thank you all for your continued support!


  • Big News!!!

    Posted by Jordan Tinklenberg

    As you all know about a year ago we moved to Twin Falls, ID and since that move Pine Top was set on the back burner unfortunately because of little to no time to do it!

    But now Pine Top is moving the Sacramento, CA area on 1-31-16 and were dedicating all our time to getting all your favorite products back in stock and offering so much more!

    We also have done some rebranding and dropped the "Workshop" from our name! We believe Pine Top Brand embraces more of who we are and what we create! And just calling it Pine Top has this ring that is to irresistible!

    We're so insanely ecstatic for the move and to be creating timeless goods for you all again! Stay tuned for a journal post about some new products very soon!

  • New Things To Come!

    Posted by Jordan Tinklenberg

    Well, everyone we have been prototyping and field testing a few new items and are super excited to be releasing them very soon! As we stated in our last journal post we are moving, less than a week to go! But soon enough those products will be rolling out onto the Pine Top line! So stay tuned for it, even sign up for our email list and be the firsts to hear about them! To give you all a sneak peak here is a picture of a product we have been field testing for the last few months! I must say were super stoked about this one! 


    Pine Top Workshop

  • Onto the next adventure!

    Posted by Jordan Tinklenberg

    Well everyone, we want to take a moment to thank all of you for your continued support for Pine Top! We couldn't be doing what we love without you all!

    Now to our big announcement!

    Pine Top is moving!!! We currently are located in the amazing city of Denver, Colorado but opportunities have risen and so Pine Top's new home, in just a few short weeks, will be Twin Falls, Idaho! Going from a city with millions of people to a town with maybe 50,000 is going to be quite a change of pace! But nonetheless were so stoked for this next adventure, and will be working even harder to bring you all new products!

    All of you amazing Denver folks we can't thank you enough for your support and love! You have been the inspiration and heart for Pine Top to keep going! It's going to be sad leaving all of you and this amazing city but this is a new season in life with a new journey we must embark on! But don't worry, WE WILL BE BACK!!! 

    Thank you all again!